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Science of Spring Scavenger Hunt & Digital Bulletin Board


Grade Levels:
3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, and 6th Grade

Yes, all instructional materials are editable.

Teaching Duration:
1-2 class periods

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This scavenger hunt activity and digital bulletin board is perfect for spring library time! Scroll it on a loop while students check out or during library downtimes. It includes a scavenger hunt, fun facts, trivia, booktalks, and more!

Includes two differentiated Scavenger Hunts, Recommended Reads, fun facts, trivia, and more!

This product has 66 slides & pages, and includes:

  • 56-slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint + Google Slides
    • All body text is editable; you choose which slides you want to use.
    • 52 slides are the Digital Bulletin Board “scrolling slides” for students to view.
    • This presentation is for entertainment and communication. Students will learn a lot about the science of spring, but it is NOT meant to be a formal library lesson.
  • Two (2) editable, differentiated scavenger hunts (3 pages, PowerPoint and PDF)
    • Students “hunt” for images and information in the Part 2 scrolling slides part of the presentation. This gives students something to focus on during library checkout and downtime.
    • “Easier” version – Students color the objects as they find them.
    • “Harder” version – Students answer questions about the information in the slides, plus find smaller images.
    • Answer key is included.
  • List of 26 recommended books to accompany this lesson (1 page, PowerPoint and PDF)
    • The list is editable and great to hand out to parents, teachers, and students looking for related books.
  • Google Classroom Basics (4 pages, PDF)
  • Instructions on how to set up PowerPoint slide timings for digital bulletin boards (2 pages, PDF)

52 Digital Bulletin Board Slides:

  • Vocabulary Words of the Week: “equinox” and “colony”
  • Idioms: “spring fever” and “spring to mind”
  • 6 spring trivia questions + answer slides
  • 2 spring Would-You-Rathers
  • 5 spring Did-You-Knows
  • spring in the northern and southern hemispheres
  • What are these animal babies called? – includes 7 photos of adorable animal babies
  • Do earthworms have eyes?
  • Are snails and slugs the same animal?
  • How long did the world’s longest recorded rainbow last?
  • Daylight Saving Time
  • Why are rainbows certain colors?
  • How do butterflies eat?
  • What are the world’s oldest plants?
  • Which mosquitoes bite? Which do not bite?
  • Scientists believe today’s birds evolved from what animal?
  • Bird sciences – ornithology, oology, plumology
  • Daily and weekly schedule
  • Library and school announcement template slides
  • This week’s birthdays

Standards Addressed:

AASL National School Library Standards – See the AASL Standards Framework for Learners to view full text. 

  • Inquire –  C.1. – D.1.
  • Explore – A.1. – C.1.

Terms of Use
© Mrs. ReaderPants – By purchasing this product, you receive a one-user license. Copying or distributing to others is prohibited.  ​See our Site Terms of Use for more information. For teacher-librarians: You may use this product with all of your classes and students.

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Grade Levels

3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade


Yes, all materials are editable., Yes, all instructional materials are editable.

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