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Founder’s Curriculum Perks Subscription

$75.00 / year

This affordable option is only available to current Librarians Teach Curriculum subscribers.

  • One (1) annual payment for 12-month access
  • $75 store credit available immediately and NEVER expires!
  • New curriculum products are added each month.
  • Download products at any time.
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This product can only be purchased by Curriculum Subscribers. To get this product, subscribe to Curriculum Club Monthly Subscription or Curriculum Pro Annual Subscription. Already a member? Log in.

The Founder’s Curriculum Perks Subscription is available exclusively to current Librarians Teach customers. It is an affordable way to maintain your Curriculum Subscription and keep getting updates to your previously purchased library curriculum products. It is an annual subscription payment.

Get $75 worth of library curriculum products that you choose for your school library, and keep upgrading your curriculum today!

Your $75 store credit is available immediately, and it never expires.
As long as you keep your subscription active by automatically renewing each year, your annual price will never go up!

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