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2022 Curriculum Pro Annual Subscription

$185.00 / year

  • Annual payment for 1 year subscription starting on your date of purchase
  • $200 store credit available immediately for the discounted price of $185
  • New curriculum products are added each month.
  • Download products at any time.
  • Purchase Orders Accepted!
  • You can also make additional purchases after using up your available store credit.
  • Annual store credit must be used within 15 months of purchase or renewal.


Shop without a Subscription

The annual Curriculum Pro Subscription is no longer available or offered. You can shop the Librarians Teach marketplace anytime, without a subscription.

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A Librarians Teach Curriculum Subscription offers high-quality curriculum products expressly for teacher-librarians and school library media specialists.

Get $200 worth of library curriculum products that you choose for your school library, and “level up” your curriculum today!

Just $185.00 per year for $200 in store credit

Your $200 store credit is available immediately.
As long as you keep your subscription active by automatically renewing each year, your annual price will never go up!

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